(C. Braun)

I want a good hearted woman
And I’ll be good hearted too
Give me a good timing woman
I’ll be good timing too

I’ll be your sweet lover man
And your icebreaker too

Well, I don’t care what your parents told me
I don’t want nobody else
Don’t care what your sister says
I don’t want nobody else

I want you sweet hearted woman
Ain’t talkin ‘bout anybody else

The first time I saw you
You were walking down the the street
First time I met you
You were smiling oh so sweet

I was thinking to myself
This girl fulfills my needs

I don’t wanna be mistreated
I don’t wanna be misused
I just wanna share
The secrets of my blues

Just your strong lovin’ hero
And your icebreaker too
I will love you, pretty baby
‘til my love goes through and through

I’ll be the icebreaker, Baby
Let me hear you sing my blues

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