(C. Braun)

When I met my first love
Thought it would be my last
Living for the future
Driving too fast

Early one morning
With the sunshine on my face
Missed her smile around me
She left without a trace

She didn’t leave no letter
But I sure got the news
That was my first step on the road to the blues

But at the end of the rainbow
I saw a waterfall
Blue light, no darkness
No pain at all

Felt like I was drifting
Into an endless sea
All I could see was
With the blues it’s really me

We’re all soldiers of fortune
And there are some things we can’t choose
Some call it destiny
I call it road to the blues

Will I find my true love
The love I know will last
There’s no way back now
Nomore living in the past

Sailing through emotions
Like love had just begun
Tell me your story
And I’ll add songs unsung

If I told you I want you
Would you smile or be confused
Or would it be another step onto the road of the blues

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